My motto as a digital designer: Creating meaningful experiences that make a difference.

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My goal is to connect brands and businesses through design. A clear brand identity is the basis of everything. Not just a statement, a logo you choose. It’s the key to every business. In this crucial phase, we set goals, connect the brand to a value, and tell great stories with a sharp communication strategy.


Collecting information about the problem, the goals, the users - and translating them into a digital concept. I prefer to implement the main UX concept in a short and crisp design sprint. In this time I can develop paper prototypes and the main wireframes. After the early-stage idea generation, detailed design features can be developed.


Orchestrating the digital strategy into something visible. Colors that spark emotion, edgy fonts, characteristic interface elements. I can create a unique brand experience by developing a visual language in a moodboard, then elaborating the visual expression into a design system, including typography, colour-schemes, and design components.


Give me a blank paper, a pen, an idea. For the next few hours I will not be very chatty, listen to some good music, and fade out the environment around me. When drawing, I am in the flow. Analogously or digital - I’d love to get creative for you.


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My favorite design and development tools I use and prefer.


Magic design tool I use for everything. Really.


CMS for shop systems.


Yes, remote workshops suck. But Miro doesn't.


CMS for websites.


For rough wireframes and and detailed illustrations.

Typo 3

CMS for websites.


Making digital illustrations on the IPad.

Square space

No-Code CMS for websites.

Adobe CC

If Figma can’t handle my masking / for animation.


No-Code CMS for websites.

Great question. Why not save the world? Why not cure sick people, help refugees or engage professionally in the climate crisis? I believe in a philosophy called „optimistic nihilism“ – it posists that the world will go down in some trillion years anyway. In the meantime, we can make our own sense of the world by enjoying it the most we can. And surprise: I enjoy design. Sketching. Wireframing. Making digital products not only useful, but also enjoyable. When building flows, I am in the flow. And I also believe that with good design, we can make the world a little bit better and joyful every day. 

Hard to answer – and not, because I am a bad decision maker in general. I just don’t prefer a side here. I consider myself as a hybrid (not the ones from The Vampire Diaries) and love UX as much as UI.  However, I like to concentrate on one for each project, while working closely with a second designer to stay focused on either great UX or great UI.

Full disclosure: I don’t have a classic UX/ UI education path – but what’s „classic“ anyway? I did my bachelors at LMU in Communication Science in Munich, and had a creative stopover at Dublin Technical University focusing on drawing and photography. In 2017, I started my masters at Stuttgart Media University (HdM) in Corporate Communications, again having a creative semester at Hogeschool van Amsterdam in 2019, where I completed a minor in UX Design. In 2020, I graduated with my master thesis about Positive UX Design in e-recruiting contexts.

I had a fancy start with UX design in 2017: At Stuttgart Media University, I worked as a project employee in a smart kitchen lab where I designed and developed smart kitchen features connected to an IoT platform, involving touch, voice and even gesture interfaces. In 2018, I was a UX/ Art Student at Jung von Matt Neckar, being involved in several digital projects for (international) clients like Guhl, L-Bank or Mercedes Benz Bank. Since 2019, I am a UX/UI Designer at Format D in Munich. Check out my projects to find out more!

I am a creative allrounder, having T-shaped design skills starting from branding, digital strategy, over to UX/UI design and illustrations. And I believe in the power of motivation: If your job is your passion, the outcome will become equivalent good. But I don’t want this question to be a monologue. Let’s meet for a (virtual) coffee to discuss whether we are the perfect match!

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