Design and development of website for MUSIC CONNECTS – a volunteer association that supports the musical education and development of young refugees in various host countries. 

Music Connects

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Sparking hope through an emotional web performance

Starting off with a strategy meeting we quickly worked out the objective of the new platform: Telling the story of millions of refugees and showing how the NGO can give hope to their destinies through music. In a subsequent UX workshop we designed a straightforward information architecture addressing the various target groups such as potential partners, political organizations, NGOs, and private donors. 


Embracing the small moments

The interface design was made to give room to the stirring pictures that were actually taken on the first projects with the refugees. A limited color palette with dark and white, as well as a bright yellow for contrast underlines living in an ambivalent world. A world in which opportunities for artistic development are not given to everybody, and thus are very special for some. 

Two Sites

Speaking to the refugees on the project landing page

In addition to the corporate website, we also created a landing page for the current project „LAB UGANDA“. The intention of the landingpage is to explain the idea and concept behind the project to the refugees themselves, and also to invite potential supporters in the relevant host countries.


Little code, a lot of CMS

I implemented the website on the no-code CMS Squarespace. Individual components and design elements that could not be created using Squarespace’s standard services (such as having the site available in two different languages) were added through individual code.

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